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Olivia PetrielliDeveloping and maintaining a productive client relationship is an important part of running a lucrative business. This fundamental principle could be applied to all fields, one of them being  accounting. CPAs have a commitment to their clients to remain proactive and sometimes even go the extra mile in order to successfully plan their financial futures. A group called Perfect Client is a business that focuses towards helping CPAs efficiently develop and maintain these client relationships.

Perfect Client was started by Alex Sonkin, a California based former partner of Lombardi Group. Sorkin puts together an annual conference where he invites specialists from all over the US to train and coach CPAs on relationship development and leadership skills. It has seen immense success in the past and it is now on to its sixth year. The next conference will be held in California this upcoming November. 

These specialists delve into specific client issues and go through possible outcomes depending on the CPA’s relationship with that particular portfolio. Perfect Client choses their specialists through a rigorous process, and places them in a training program that can last up to four months. In order to be the best possible resource for CPAs, these specialists are prepared to deal with very specific client issues. Perfect Client also specializes in helping CPAs who have clients that are going public, ESOPs (employees with stock options) and even insurance companies. 

It can be a difficult task for CPAs to maintain strong relationships with all of their clients and efficiently keep track of their portfolios’ specific needs. Perfect Client is a great resource for younger CPAs who are just starting off their careers and want to establish strong relations from the get go. It can also be a valuable asset for CPAs who have complicated clients and are looking for a fresh set of eyes to add to their leadership skills. 

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